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Hong Kong has a well-developed stock exchange platform and thus has attracted investors from all over the world. Due to the rapid economic development of Mainland China in the last decade, more and more Chinese enterprises come to Hong Kong for listing and raising capital. As a result, the transaction volume of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has increased tremendously. The traditional way of placing orders by means of telephone is unable to cope with the pace of the Hong Kong stock market. Mayfair Pacific realizes the needs of Client by providing a one-stop electronic trading platform that covers not only the order routing function, but the account browsing features (portfolio information and transaction details etc.) through our "MPTrader” system.


In addition to executing securities trades on behalf of our customers, Mayfair Pacific Financial Group's securities operations provide qualified clients worldwide with access to various initial public offerings and secondary placements. Though based in Hong Kong, our sales and trading business extends globally thanks to a powerful international distribution network.

The success of any offering ultimately depends on an organization's ability to market it. Supported by the Group's shareholders, our institutional and retail brokers have the market knowledge they need to effectively sell to and service our clients.

Also demonstrating our ability to link major world economic centers with the Greater China (Hong Kong and mainland China) marketplace, investors can now execute real—time trades for an array of Hong Kong and overseas listed securities as a result of a landmark collaboration between Phillip Securities, Singapore and Mayfair Pacific Financial Group's securities brokerage business.

Securities Margin Financing

To help our stock brokerage customers maximize their buying power, Mayfair Pacific Financial Group offers margin financing at competitive interest rates. Our margin account clients are able to appropriately leverage investments in a variety of Hong Kong listed securities.