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Discretionary Management Accounts


Marked with investment expertise supplemented by extensive research on major markets, Mayfair Pacific strives to offer clients with total investment solutions via full discretionary investment management services for institutional and high net-worth individual clients covering investments in all major asset classes both in developed and emerging markets. Whilst focusing on securities in the Asian Pacific Rim, Mayfair Pacific has demonstrated professional skills in managing conventional and Shariah-compliant mutual funds which are currently or from time to time exposed to equities, fixed income products, commodities, foreign exchange, unit trusts, structured products and/or money market products, etc, which will meet the exacting investment objectives of clients, and (where necessary) tailor-made investment parameters, for instance, restrictions to Shariah-compliant investments.

Investment Strategies

As a proactive fund manager, Mayfair Pacific has established an investment approach based on fundamental analysis and process-driven. Proactive investment management is attributable to the success of Mayfair Pacific in equity investments. Likewise, Mayfair Pacific applies the same approach to the investment management of other investment products, taking alpha as the criterion for measuring market efficiencies. Mayfair Pacific performs proprietary research on the general economic environment of specific major markets, sectors and/or industries. Using a scoring system, Mayfair Pacific assigns scores to different markets as a means of identifying mispricing opportunities in any asset class, country and sector to construct client portfolios. In essence, Mayfair Pacific aims at achieving risk adjusted returns through comprehensive fundamental analysis and proactive portfolio management.

Bonded with affiliates in major financial centres, Mayfair Pacific is privy to a network of prominent investment banks and local partners. Mayfair Pacific is therefore capable of leveraging on such an extensive research base as well as knowledge and expertise of local markets.